Investing Matters is a segment of the Wealth Exchange podcast hosted by Ethan Astaneh. In this segment, Ethan discusses planning topics, market commentary, general investing, and education on Nicola Wealth’s unique pool of funds with an array of featured guests.

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In this episode of The Wealth Exchange podcast, Ethan Astaneh hosts a special three-part series on Making Sense of AI. In Part 2, he is joined by Mark Trevitt, the founder and managing partner of Defined Capital, a venture capital firm with a distinct mission: supporting visionary founders who are pioneering the automation frontier, leveraging the convergence of data, human expertise, and AI to tackle intricate challenges in groundbreaking ways.

During their discussion, Mark sheds light on key aspects of AI's evolving landscape. He explains how the next phase in AI development is poised to provide substantial advantages to organizations possessing proprietary or well-structured data. Furthermore, he shares his strategic approach to fund diversification, which is a necessary response to the swift advancements on the automation frontier.

Lastly, Mark delves into the concept of AI agents, offering a compelling vision of how they may revolutionize our technology interactions in the future.


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