I couldn’t help but juxtapose NVIDIA GTC to GE’s Mind + Machines conference in 2016 I was at (the 2nd last year it was held). Parallel visionary and far-reaching claims were made on the next industrial revolution being ushered in that would be driven by software eating the world and the advent of digital twins.

So what’s different this time?

For starters NVIDIA is a technology powerhouse directly underpinning and increasingly driving this change through accelerating computing and the Generative AI capabilities they are advancing for developers to code software in news way with their Blackwell chips and CUDA ecosystem. With Blackwell, NVIDIA ha enabled 1000x AI compute in 8 years compared to 100x in the previous 10 years. Most tech and industrial companies are partnering with to enable this future. Every industry is becoming software-defined.

What’s most intriguing is NVIDIA’s moves to become a “full-stack” technology company, which Jensen emphasized multiple times. Increasingly they be will be moving up into the software layer and broadening their platform. Take NIM – their NVIDIA inference microservices built on their CUDA platform that will make deploying pre-trained and packaged Generative AI models into applications and co-pilots more seamlessly.

NVIDIA announced GR00T and Omniverse (a digital twin ecosystem) which marks a significant milestone in industrial digitalization. By facilitating the integration of physical and virtual worlds, it will allow industries to simulate, optimize and execute operations with unprecedented efficiency.

This is why in Jensen’s words, “the ChatGPT moment for Robotics is right around the corner”, promising a transformative impact across various sectors.

While GTC used to be a niche event where Jensen first announced in the 2014 keynote, 10 years on NVIDIA has substantially broadened their audience as it is now one of the largest AI developer conferences. Many have compared the packed SAP Center to a rock concert a la Taylor Swift and of course Jensen wore a new leather jacket.


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